Scrap metal has become an auxiliary revenue stream for just about every business.  Whether it be a machine shop or an office space there are many end-of-life items that possess positive value.  Through our service we educate organizations how to sort their metal in an effort to maximize the return on their recycling program.

Brad W. Rudover MBA

With a lifetime of experience in the scrap metal industry, Brad has a comprehensive understanding of all grades of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals.  With a calm demeanor he conveys his scrap knowledge in an easy to understand format for maximum information retention.

Brad first became intrigued by scrap metal at his Father’s scrap yard in Detroit, Michigan.  He quickly learned the high value Non-Ferrous grades such as aluminum, brass, and copper. Upon earning a degree in Small Business Management from Ferris State University, Brad accepted a role as General Manager of a family owned scrap yard in Vancouver.  During his time in this position he managed several infrastructure projects while continuing to learn every commodity that entered the facility.  Simultaneously, Brad was deeply involved in both recycling associations – CARI & ISRI. In these volunteer roles Brad networked with almost every scrap yard within North America and built several long-lasting relationships.

Brad parlayed his metal knowledge & network into becoming a scrap broker buying from North American facilities and selling to Asian markets.  During this time he was recruited to manage the Non-Ferrous department at the largest scrap yard in Vancouver that also operates the only shredder in British Columbia.  As a member of several committees, Brad accumulated the corporate knowledge and formality to apply the best tools from both big and small businesses to his own venture. With this wealth of information, Scrap Consulting Services came to fruition.  With access to both domestic and international markets we’re confident we’ll add value to any current recycling program and help develop valuable new programs.